8455 Microsoft Business Solutions -
Axapta 3.0 Development IV, MorphX Integration

4 days
Certification Exam: AX-30-202 Axapta 3.0 Programming  


    Before attending this course, students must:
  • Have completed Microsoft Axapta   Development III: X++ Advanced
  • Be familiar with the development tool suite
  • Be able to make changes to the Data Dictionary including best practices with regards to design and implementation
  • Be able to create and implement forms
  • Be able to manipulate data within forms, including building queries, display and edit methods,
  • Be able to create and implement classes
  • Understand the main concepts of Object Oriented Design (OOD), including inheritance, overriding & overloading, polymorphism, constructors and static methods.
  • Be familiar with Exception handling
  • Be familiar with foundation classes
  • Be familiar with the RunBase set of classes
  • Have a basic knowledge of the application

Course Outline

    After completing this chapter, students should be aware of the course structure


  •  Chapter 1: Case StudyDevelopment Environment and Tools
  • Chapter 2: Development Guidelines
  • Chapter 3: Number Sequences
  • Chapter 4: PrintJobSettings
  • Chapter 5: COM
  • Chapter 6: XML
  • Chapter 7: ActiveX
  • Chapter 8: DLL
  • Chapter 9: Ledger
  • Chapter 10: Trade
  • Chapter 11: Inventory
  • Chapter 12: Production
  • Chapter 13: Project
  • Chapter 14: Commerce Gateway
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