8420 Microsoft Business Solutions -
Axapta 3.0 Administration

2 days
Certifiering: None


This two day course introduces the student to Microsoft® Business Solutions - Axapta® Administration Module. This course begins with the basic setup for a company. The student then is exposed to more advanced functionality within the Administration Module. A brief introduction to ASP administration is included. This course is intended to be an advanced course for the Administration module.

This course is intended for individuals who will be utilizing the administrative functionality of Microsoft Axapta. This audience typically includes application consultants who are tasked with installing, configuring, and customizing the application for a customer. Additionally, consultants who are responsible for training or supporting the customer will benefit from the course.


It is required that students have completed:

• Microsoft Axapta Introduction

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Perform a basic setup and manage security for a company in Microsoft Axapta
  • Utilize the label, help system, batch job, and number sequence functionality
  • Create and manage configurations in the Configuration Utility
  • Have a general understanding of ASP administration

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