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Axapta Fixed Assets

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Course Description

Chapter 1: Introduction to Fixed Assets
This chapter provides students with a better understand of the general functions and need for a software package able to assist companies in tracking the intricacies of fixed assets- not only the basic tracking of fixed assets, but also the integration to other financial modules. Students will be given a look at fixed assets, the functionality required for fixed asset accounting, and the structure and integration of Microsoft Axapta Fixed Assets with other modules within Axapta. Also discussed will be the importance
of maintaining sound financial records as they relate to companies fixed assets.

Chapter 2: Setup of the Fixed Assets Module
In this chapter, the basic, general, and advanced setup features of the Fixed Assets module will be presented. Additional details will be described relating to how Fixed Assets integrates with the other financial modules described in Chapter One. Students will learn the setup of the general parameters for Fixed Assets and perform a basic and advanced setup of a fixed asset in Microsoft Axapta.

Chapter 3: Setup of Asset
This chapter discusses in more detail the tasks involved to set up an individual asset as a fixed asset in Microsoft Axapta. A description of the structure and functionality of the fixed asset register will give a better idea as to how Microsoft Axapta can assist in the management of fixed assets. Students will learn to distinguish between financial and non-financial information about an asset, to manage fixed asset groups, and gain an overview of inquiries.

Chapter 4: Asset Transactions
This chapter focuses on a more in depth description on how to record the fixed asset transactions into the accounting journals of Microsoft Axapta. The discussion will look at some preferred, and some alternative approaches, to record fixed asset transactions.

Chapter 5: Inquiries, Reports, and Additional Features
This chapter explains in more detail the features regarding inquiring and reporting against the data created through the previous chapters. Also shown, are a few additional features within the Fixed Assets module. Students will be given a look at what data inquiries are available in Fixed Assets, as well as what reports are available. Students will be taught how to record and document lending of assets, along with how to assign bar codes to assets, and to recognize the features of asset budgeting.


Before attending this course, students must have:
• Basic knowledge of accounting principles.
• An understanding on how to navigate within Microsoft Axapta.

In addition, it is recommended, but not required, that students have completed:
• The Microsoft Axapta Introduction course.
• The Financial Series I – Microsoft Axapta course.
• The Financial Series II – Microsoft Axapta course.

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