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Axapta 3.0 Development II, Introduction to X++

2 days
Certification Exam: AX-30-202 Axapta 3.0 Programming  


Chapter1: This chapter gives a foundation for understanding development using X++. The student will also be able to use the main development tools in Microsoft Axapta.

Chapter 2: This chapter discusses the concept of object-oriented programming and its relation to X++. By the end of this chapter, the student will have a solid foundation to develop in Microsoft Axapta using object-oriented concepts.

Chapter 3: This chapter focuses on teaching the student about programming constructs in X++, such as loops, conditional statements, and functions within X++. In addition, the student will be able to effectively communicate with the end user using X++ output commands.

Chapter 4: This chapter teaches the student how to develop modifications that interact with the Microsoft Axapta database. This functionality is often needed, making this an important topic in learning development with X++.

Chapter 5: This chapter instructs the student how to have programs handle exceptions that occur when code is executed. This is an essential skill in all programming to make the application execute more efficiently.


It is required that students have completed:

• Development I: MorphX

Course Outline

  • Introduction to X++
  • Objects and Classes
  • X++ Control Statements
  • Accessing the Database
  • Exception Handling
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