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Axapta 3.0 Production I

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Certifiering: AX-30-205 Production

Course Description

Chapter 1: Introduction to Production
The first chapter is intended to be an overview and introduces some of the basic production concepts used in Microsoft Axapta. Bill of Materials, Work Centers, Routes, and Production Orders are defined along with an overview of their use in the Microsoft Axapta Production Series.

Chapter 2: Bill of Materials
In this chapter you learn the advanced features available in the Microsoft Axapta Bill of Materials.

Chapter 3: Work Centers
In this chapter you learn how to set up and configure work centers as well as how subcontractor work is performed in the Microsoft Axapta Production module.

Chapter 4: Routes and Operations
In this chapter we learn how to set up and configure operations and routes as well as some advanced concepts such as Route Network, Scrap, and Costing.

Chapter 5: Production Orders
In this chapter you about the Production Order Status, how to create, estimate, and schedule production orders using both Job scheduling and Operations Scheduling. You also learn about Capacity Planning and Gantt Charts.

Chapter 6: Production and Costing
This chapter explains how to group Production Orders by using Production Groups and Production Pools and covers the physical implementation of the production order cycle up through the financial costing.

Chapter 7: Inquiries and Reports
In this chapter you get a first-hand look at the inquiries and reports that available in the Production series. You are shown how to locate and use these tools in addition to selection, sorting, querying, and printing techniques.

Chapter 8: Case Study
This Case Study is the final chapter in Production Series 1. The Case Study challenges the student to use the knowledge gained throughout this course to help Monster Bikes Inc., deliver their first new Road Racer. In performing this task, the student receives the opportunity to practice the skills they have acquired.


Before attending this course, students must have:
• Axapta Introduction and Working with BOM's is recommended

In addition, it is recommended, but not required, that students have completed:
• Production Series I eCourse
• As well as having a fair understanding of the Trade and Logistics functionality of Microsoft Axapta

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