2733 Updating Your Database Administration skills to Microsoft SQL Server 2005

3 dagar
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This three-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to upgrade their skills to SQL Server 2005 so that they can support, configure, and maintain enterprise SQL Server 2005 databases and servers.

This course is intended for experienced database administrators and database developers who are responsible for the supporting, configuring, and maintaining enterprise SQL Server 2005 databases and servers.


MCDBA certification or equivalent knowledge. 
Administration experience with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft SQL Server 7.0. 
Knowledge of SQL Server 2000/7.0: 
Database and server architecture. 
Installation and configuration. 
Database security. 
Database recovery (backup and restore). 
SQL Server technologies used for database availability such as log shipping and clustering. 
Job automation. 
Database and server monitoring. 
In addition, it is recommended, but not required, that students have completed: 

Course 2072, Administering a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database. 


  • Describe the architecture of SQL Server 2005. 
  • Install SQL Server 2005. 
  • Use SQL Server 2005 administrative tools and utilities. 
  • Maintain SQL Server 2005 servers and databases. 
  • Secure a SQL Server 2005 server and database. 
  • Monitor SQL Server 2005. 
  • Implement a Backup and Restore solution for SQL Server 2005. 
  • Implement a data availability solution with database mirroring or clustering. 
  • Use enhanced SQL Server 2005 replication features.
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