2014 Customizing Microsoft Office SharePoint Products & Technologies 2003

 2 dagar
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This two-day instructor-led workshop provides students with the knowledge and skills to customize Microsoft Office SharePointPortal Server 2003. The workshop focuses on Web Parts, security, and the SharePoint Services object model.This workshop is intended for experienced programmers who have a minimum of six months programming experience using Visual Studio.NET.


Before attending this workshop, students must have working knowledge of the following:

  • Web Services
  • Visual Basic® or Visual C#® and Visual Studio


  • Describe the Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies.
  • Add Web Parts to pages.
  • Use web part templates in Visual Studio .NET.
  • Use Web Parts as custom ASP.NET controls.
  • Connect Web Parts.
  • Package and deploy Web Parts.
  • Secure Web Parts.
  • Describe the Windows SharePoint Services Object Model.
  • Develop Web Parts using Microsoft Office FrontPage


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